About CNA


CNA is an Ecommerce company started by two guys from Reno, Nevada - Grant Chapman (mustache) and Daniel Adams (beard). Both of us graduated from UNR - the University of Nevada, Reno - with our Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. We met at work, started talking cars, started talking rock crawlers, then started building rock crawlers. Six years later, we've both come a long way on our builds (pictured), but more importantly, we've become really great friends.


We talked about starting a business for years. Eventually, we played around with the company name, Aired Down Syndicate. We made several prototype products under that name including hats, hoodies, stickers and even our popular JD Coolant Catch. Though these products moved, they really didn't have the firepower to bring us into the actual business world. We needed something that would appeal to a wide range of people and could be easily sold on a mainstream online sales channel.

That's when the welding cube idea was born. We noticed a gap in the market for welding training products. Existing products were too expensive, too complicated and often difficult to find. We figured we could launch a lineup of inexpensive and uncomplicated welding kits on a site like amazon, and that would fuel our business dreams. Matter of fact, that's exactly what we did. Fast forward a little and now we have this website as an additional sales channel.

Welding and fabricating is a huge part of rock crawling, so the welding cubes fit right into our core focus, but we didn't want to give the impression that we cater only to rock crawlers with a name like "Aired Down Syndicate." That's when CNA - Chapman & Adams LLC - was born. With such a wide world of Ecommerce possibilities out there, it makes much more sense to use a name that doesn't tie us into a particular demographic. We've kept the Aired Down Syndicate name, but it will become a product line for our rock crawling offerings - like make and model.

This website is the embodiment of our dreams coming true. You can bet we will continue to grow and add new products. We've had a blast bringing these unique items to you. The future is bright for us, and our goal is to make it brighter for you - our customers and friends - too!


Daniel Adams